Co-work & Co-living abroad

  • Stay on a monthly basis
  • Bring your own work
  • Live with other remote workers

We have created workcation destinations for remote workers from all over the globe. We supply a professional workspace and comfortable communal spaces for you to co-work & co-live with other professionals. We focus on a balance between private and communal spaces so you can feel at home while you can focus on work and enjoy the social network with other remote workers.

Cocaio Workcation include private on-suite rooms in a shared house, access to in-house co-working spaces, a workcation community and weekly sports activities .
You'll have the freedom to explore the new city with the comfort of having reliable high-speed internet 24h a day in your co-working & co-living house, so you don't have to worry about getting disconnected from work, or finding a spot in a coffee shop.

Upcoming workcations

Cocaio Cape Town

Arrive in the beginning of the month. We prefer that you stay with us for at least a month, and you can stay as long as you would like. See booking page for arrival dates.

Cape Town is the ultimate destination for remote workers seeking inspiration, productivity, networking and unforgettable experiences.

Our Cape Town shared-house is just a 5 min walk from one of the top water sports beaches of the world. That is also why we have included a free surfing lesson's every week throughout the workcation stay, along with our free weekly yoga lesson's.


Cocaio Lisbon

March 2024

a month in a new community



Our co-working facilities are designed to provide a flexible environment. There is a fully equip 24/7 coworking office with highspeed internet that has a battery backup plan if the power would go off, so you are ALWAYS able to work anytime of the day. There are quite desk areas and open spaces with access to the common indoor/outdoor areas for socialising.

Personal Growth

We have found that workcation can offer several opportunities for personal growth. It can boost creativity, improve time management skills, build self-discipline and enhancing problem-solving abilities, while enjoying your time-off in new and exciting place.


Our co-living spaces provide a great balance of privacy and social space. You can retreat to your own fully furnished room where you can recharge and focus on your personal needs. When you want to connect with others, join our shared common areas, communal kitchen, and vibrant social spaces offer opportunities to bond and share experiences.

Co-work & co-live with like-minded

We see one of the biggest social benefits of taking a workcation with Cocaio is meeting new people who are working towards having the same goal of a positive work-life balance as yourself.
It will give you the chance to form new friendships and expand your network, which can benefit you personally and professionally.
Another positive output of workcation with Cocaio is getting to settle into a new place for a longer periode of time, so you have the time to learn about the new culture and experience the local lifestyle.
This can broaden your horizons and give you a new perspective on life and of how you want form your work-life balance.
The final goal of Cocaio's mission of creating a space for remote-workers abroad is the huge impact it can have to take a break from your dayly routine.
The change of scenery can help reduce stress and increase your overall well-being and get you to rethink your main goals with taking control of your work-life balance.

About Cocaio

We aim at creating amazing workcations stays for remote workers from all over the globe. We want to supply a professional workspace and comfortable communal spaces for co-working & co-living.
We focus on remote workers finding a community while they are with us, so they can build on their social networks and enjoy the company of others with the same work-life balance goals. Together is more fun.

Please send us a message on if you have any inquires.